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EV metal Stands for Electron Chargers
American Made

EV Charger installations require various types of mounting hardware.
Electron Charger supplies everything needed for a clean, professional, and safe installation. Choose your desired location (with closest access to power) and then select the mounting configuration that best fits your needs.

  • Can the charger be mounted on a wall, or do you require a free-standing pedestal?
  • Do you require cable management.?
  • Can you mount side by side chargers to save space and electrical infrastructure?
  • Wall Mounted
  • Pedestal – Single Charger
  • Pedestal – Back-to-Back Chargers
  • Pedestal – Side by Side Chargers

Many charger sites still need to install cable management as these sites will experience damaged charger cables, especially if the cables are not handled carefully. Electron Charger provides both pedestal cable management and wall-mounted solutions to help keep your equipment in top working condition.

Cable management System for Electron charger stands
  • 0.125″ Aluminum
  • Stand Weight: 67lbs (not including chargers)
  • Retracting Strength: 11.02lbs – 17.64lbs
  • Retracting Range: 13.12ft – 16.04ft
Pedestal specifications Electron Charger