Level-2 Plug and Play 48Amp (11.5kW)

Just plug in your EV and charge.

Level-2 Commercial Speed 80Amp (19.2kW)

Faster AC charging designed for fleet use. Can be used for both public or private applications.

Level-2 Commercial 48Amp (11.5kW)

Billing software compatible for public or private use. RFID or mobile phone authentication for private use. Versatile for commercial efficiency.

Level-3 Commercial High Speed (30kW)

With direct DC input for your EV, this charger delivers speed, control, and reliability that AC chargers cannot match. Can be used for public, private or even fleet applications.


Charger Mounting Options

EV Charger installations require various types of mounting hardware. We supply everything needed to provide a clean, professional, and safe installation. First you start with your desired location (with closest access to power), and then select the mounting configuration.

  • Can the charger be mounted on a wall, or do you require a free-standing pedestal?
  • How many chargers will be located there?
  • Can you mount side by side chargers to save space and electrical infrastructure?
  • Do you require cable management.?

Basic Mounting Options

  • Wall Mounted
  • Pedestal – Single Charger
  • Pedestal – Back-to-Back Chargers
  • Pedestal – Side by Side Chargers


Many Charger sites have skipped installing the cable management, and these sites will experience damaged charger cables, especially if the public is using the charging facility. We provide both pedestal cable management, and wall mounted solutions to help keep your equipment in top working condition.


Control Your EV Charger Clients with Backoffice Billing and Control Software

You can allow users to utilize the "free charger" feature or product revenue by "billing per charge". The choice is yours. To monetize the EV charger, you must use control software that enables drivers to use phone apps for charging while hosts / owners use back office control software for billing and scheduling. Electron Charger provides a fully integrated system where the phone app, back office software, and charger hardware all work together in sync.

Easily Manage and Control Your Charging Stations

Managing EV charging is simple with Electron Charger’s software which provides the site operator with control over unique management plans. It allows you to view power usage as well as individual charger usage in real time and use the enhanced system reporting to help optimize your revenue. Complete back office control allows the operator to create revenue plans for any situation, including billing by kilowatt hour or billing by the parking space. With direct control over each charger and the ability to create groups per location or company, this software is a perfect fit for every commercial entity.

Management Benefits

  • Real-time analytics and monthly reporting
  • Set pricing by time, energy, or a mix of both
  • Track charger status and operating metrics
  • Easily cash out revenue with Direct Deposit
  • Manage multiple user groups and access them in one place
  • Save money with load management

User Benefits

  • Easy to use mobile phone application with instant access to charging network
  • Get real-time analytics and notifications of charging activity
  • Flexible authentication and payment methods
  • Receive direct payment receipts
  • On-demand technical support
  • RFID or phone application for frequent use cases


Charger Data Connectivity Options

To communicate with and control your EV chargers, you need a solid and reliable data network. If you don't have a private hardwired network connection, then Mobile Data Network is your solution. We utilize North America’s largest and most trusted network providers: AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Our data network combines these carriers into a single private network that has the highest reliability and most secure infrastructure for EV Charger deployments.

Carrier Selection

Mapping out the network provider tower access and selecting the best carrier for each charger project is important for a quick and easy site installation.