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Revenue Billing

The vast majority of EV charger site hosts today do not want to give away energy as an expense billed to their meter and are interested in the chargers providing a monetizable revenue stream.  Electron Charger’s hardware and software solutions easily allow our customers to turn this feature on and off with the flip of a switch.  Here’s how we do it:

  1. We will take the time to intimately understand exactly what the site host’s desired strategy is in regard to their customers and EV Charging.
  2. We will provide 2-3 different common monetization strategies that are used in the field today as a starting point to design a custom strategy for the client.
  3. We will ensure our solutions are provisioned to meet this desired use case and take the time to train the site host on the back-end software configuration.
  4. We provide annual reviews of this use case and can easily make configuration changes on the fly as need be.

So how does it work for the end user?

Billing is done seamlessly through our software solutions.

Step 1: The user will pull into a designated Electron Charger parking space.

Step 2: The user will scan the QR code on the charging unit which will send them to the web portal.  The web portal will display all applicable information about the charger such as charge speed, price, and connector type.

Step 3: If it is the user’s first time at a station, they will enter account and payment information.

Step 4: If this not the user’s first time charger they will simply hit “Charge Now” to begin the session.

Step 5: Plug and charge! 

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