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Tips for Charger Deployment

If you are thinking about adding EV chargers to your facility, you probably already have a good idea of where you would like to put them.  If not don’t worry, we can help you make recommendations on the best locations to add them:

Electron Charger will typically conduct a site review with both the client and one of our engineers to help determine the best plan of action to get the facility charger ready!

What determines the best locations?

There are multiple variables to go into this assessment for one of our site hosts:

  1. Desired placement of the facility
  2. Visibility and ease of use for drivers
  3. Proximity to existing power
  4. Expandability for future proofing the site

Do I have enough existing power?  

This is where we come in.  We are able to provide creative solutions that often allow us to work with the facilities existing infrastructure.  Once we have determined the desired placement we will review the closest existing electrical panel and make recommendations based on circuit sizes.  Our hardware can be throttled up or down, run on dedicated circuits, and even be load shared with our power management feature which allows us to squeeze more juice out of a panel and cut down on infrastructure costs.

How should I deploy them?

We provide a variety of mounting solutions.  Often times when we are in parking garage settings, or where a sidewalk does not run between a building and parking space, we will mount the hardware directly to the wall.  We can do so at a height that meets ADA requirements, but also protects the charger from being hit by vehicles.  We also provide different pedestal options that allow one or multiple chargers to be put on the same pedestal.  We can configure the pedestals with or without cable management to protect your hardware!

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